Hi, I'm Raquel.

I've lived in Boston for over a decade, but I'm Floridian through and through, baby.

I like art in its many forms.

I want to eat spicy tuna rolls daily, basically forever.

I cry listening to Neil deGrasse Tyson explain anything about the cosmos. Space is wild.

I get very philosophical on planes.

Christ has changed everything for and about my life.

Lost is the best show. Memento is the best movie. Emmanuel Lubezki makes me wish I knew what I was doing with a camera.

I started shooting portraits when I was 15 and I’m never going to quit.



“My husband and I had Raquel as our wedding photographer. It was one of the best decisions! We're not good at posing in front of the camera, but Raquel made the experience natural and fun! She turned back amazing pictures so quickly. We love all the photos and had many printed out as our home decor. She helped us turn important moments into life-long memories!”